Innovation & Technology Driven Manufacturing

Perfection is what we seek, we continuously and relentlessly invest our resources in applying the latest derma logical technologies and beauty research and development sciences to each and every formulation released. Delivering new innovative functional beauty products to the international market is our passion and together we strive to continuously evolve year after year, creating new trends and leading  the way forth in the Korean cosmecutical manufacturing industry.

Complete One Stop Service

KMW Cosmetics private label contract manufacturing offers a complete ONE STOP SERVICE from formulation to packaging, brand design and delivery. Every facet of production is covered to achieve optimal success for each and every one of our clients.

Technologies & Standards

KMW Cosmetics manufactures all products utilizing state of the art laboratories, R&D technologies plus world leading commercial equipment in conjunction with an extensive ingredient inventory, all backed by international manufacturing standards under strict QC measurers, paired with stability, performance and sensitivity testing.

Purity The Key To Premium Cosmetics

Aqua integrally the most important raw material in personal care product manufacturing, used throughout every step of development, the highest level of water purity is achieved through advanced aqua purification systems which ensures every product produced reaches maximum stability, quality & performance. KMW Cosmetics private label contract manufacturing faculties are all approved and fitted with the latest Aqua purification systems for 100% assurance.

Health Supplementary & Inner Beauty Products   

State of the art manufacturing facilities producing science backed health and beauty supplementary formulations, R&D supported under Phytologix infrastructure technology a global leading advancement in functional food and health care consumables.  Applied sciences from traditional Korean Oriental methodology to advanced bio-engineered technologies.  


All produced under strict global health standards with optimized core ingredient structures for best results.

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