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A wide range of inclusive of Face, Lips, Eyes & Cheek color cosmetics, complete oem manufacturing for private branding. products all available under oem private label manufacturing.

Long lasting full coverage formulations.

Full packaging options available to meet all product design requirements and budgets to compliment the formulation within.

Base Foundation Covers


For long lasting make up wear, bases fixer and primer
formulations are all available under oem private branding,
customizaton formulations are accomadated.
BB Creams
BB/CC/DD Foundations
DD Creams

Available for manufacture in customized color pallets, color change formulations, mineral, natural & bio key ingredients, oil cut formulas, matte and luminous finishes, whitening and brightening applied functions, SPF++ function formulations available.

DD Creams
BB Creams
CC Creams
DD Creams

Luminous foundations, complete
coverage with a light touch finish
providing all day wear.

Advance coverage
system to achieve a
perfect skin finish.

Complete coverage
cream for a flawless

Cover blemishes
effortlessly, pores are visibly

lessened and the complexion

texture is refined. 

Concealers & Spot Covers
Spot Cover

Concealers, spot cover creams, liquid, creams & spot cover sticks, available in multiple

color selections, matte and oil cut formulations customizable.


Full range of packaging solutions to with various applicators available via oem.

Cream Concealers
Liquid Concealers

Concealers cover and minimize

the visible appearance of blemishes

or skin tone indifferences.

Spot covers blemishes and skin

discolorations for an even skin

tone finish.

Foundation Pacts
Cushion Pacts
Pressed Powders

Innovation applied Cushion , Mesh & Powder Pacts, multi function effects can be applied

such as brightening, whitening, anti-aging, firming, nourishing or moisturizing.  


Full range of packaging solutions to with various applicators available via oem.

CC Cushion Pacts
Mesh Essence Pacts
Pressed Powder Pacts

CC pacts covers blemishes
effortlessly, even skin tone

indifference, produces a perfect

complexion appearance.

Complete coverage cream for a

flawless complexion finish,

esssence is retained at 100%

quialty for optomial wear.

Advance coverage system to achieve a perfect skin finish,

cuts shine and oil build up.

Foundation Powders

Loose and compressed powders, product type variations range from oil cut, matte,

shimmer, pore cover & finish setting formulations.


A wide variety of packaging solutions to complement all oem private brands.

Blushers & Bronzers



Split Bronzer Pacts
Cream Highlight Pacts
Graident Blush Pacts
Graident Shading Pacts

Highlighting cream pacts to

define facial features.

Bronzing compact or loose

powders, creams, & liquids


Color graduation pink pearl,

creams to pinks or custom

color blushes.

Color graduation or split bronzer &

shading pressed powders.

Lip Colors

Hydrating gloss, matte or shimmer

finishes available in a vast color

range .

Nourishing, Plumping, All Day Wear,
Hydrating formulations available in
a vast color pallet selection with
matt or gloss finishes.

Moisture bank lip stick tints,

nourishing and repair formulations.

Wide range of color selections.

Crayon, Liquid & Pencil type

liners, long lasting

formulations color formulas

curved or point tips.

Lips Sticks/Glosses/Tints/Liners

Lip Liners
Glosses, Tints, Lacquers
Color Last Lip Sticks
Moisture Bank Sticks
Brow & Eye Liners

Eyes & Brows


Brow & Eye Liners

Volumizing, defying, long lash, curling &
growth boosting formulations available in
desired colors and packaging options.

Crayon, pencils and liquid types available
in multiple color selections with applied
functional packaging solutions.

Make Up Tools



MakeUp Brushes
Blending Spounges
Puffs & Applicators

Available in natural and synthetic fibers,
customizable options available. Available for

oem private branding handle engraving.

Available in high grade latex's,
rubbers and fibers in multiple
colors. Premium quality manufacturing.

Premium quality powder puffs, sponge

applicators, avaible in cut squares, rounds,

tri shapes. Multiple color shades available. 

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